The top fitness photographer of the East Coast has been published in Muscle Development and Oxygen Magazine. From the Arnold Sport Festival for numerous years to the Olympia as well. As well we have worked with many IFBB Pros over the years as well to name a few Iramis Portero, Virginia Coffman, IFBB Pro Chareece Jhonson, and many more!  What separates us from the others? We understand your sport, your life styles, and the look you are trying to achieve, we know the poses that  practice as well. We understand your goals of seeking the top physique personally and compared to the others on stage with you. 

The 2017 Season Sessions are going for.

      $75 local only or at shows 20 Min Shoot - Online View Order Gallery - And downloads of all images

       Peak Week Styled Shoot 

       $149 Hour long shoot, multiple outfits, and High Resolution Downloads of all images. 

The Physique Empire